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What is a LibGuide?: Cool Stuff in Guides

Explanation of how the library is using SpringShare's LibGuide product.

What Cool Stuff?

Library guides makes it simple to embed content into your guide in most any format, from web links and documents, to podcasts and RSS feeds. 


Basic options in guides include simple blocks of text. Color, font, and size of the text can be changed. 

Images can be added easily too.


Library of Congress main reading room

Databases and Links

Databases and links to the web can be used in library guides. 

Media, Widgets, and Podcasts, Oh My....

A widget is a piece of code placed on a web page that allows you to do something directly from that page, rather than linking out to its original location.  

Below is a widget of the library's online catalog, it will allow you to search the catalog directly from this page.



A video can also be embedded into the guide. This video is from a TED Talks presentation.  





Here is an example of a podcast embedded into a guide. 



A direct link to the book within the catalog, along with book covers can be added to the guide to create an interesting visual for students.  


A survey can be added to evaluate whether the students feel the content is useful.

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