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Explanation of how the library is using SpringShare's LibGuide product.


What is a LibGuide?

It is a web-based software product the library subscribes to through SpringShare.  

Library guides are custom built electronic guides to assist students with their library research needs. Guides can be created for specific classes or assignments to instruct students on relevant resources. 

Since these guides are web-based they are accessible at any time, from anywhere, and they can be directly linked within your Canvas classroom. I can also set up the guide to be private so that it is only accessible to your students.  

Guides can also be printed to use as handouts in the classroom. 

Go to SRC Guides to see a full list of guides that have been created. 

What are the benefits for students?

Library guides help our students by:

...reaching those who need just-in-time assistance for an assignment or project.

...convenience for the students that can't come to the library because of distance or time.

...meeting the needs of students with diverse learning styles.

...allowing students to focus on what is relevant to their needs. 

Here to Help!

I am here to support your class assignments that have a research element involved. If you are interested in having a guide created for a specific project or assignment, contact me and we'll discuss your needs. All suggestions are appreciated! This is for you and your students and I'm here to assist in any way possible. 


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