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OpenAthens: Home

This guide contains information about OpenAthens, the library's authentication system for online resources.

The SRC Learning Resource Center is excited to announce that we are in the process of implementing OpenAthens.

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There will be no change to the number of resources provided by the SRC Library (LRC), so you will be able to continue using our digital collections with very little disruption to your workflow. 

What will change is the SRC Library (LRC) login screen for off-campus users, links to library resources, and the implementation of using our SRC Single-Sign-On (SSO) credentials. 

We went live on January 11, 2021!!!


OpenAthens is an identity and IP-based authentication system that provides access to the library's licensed online resources via single sign-on (SSO) technology. It is replacing our previous system, EZproxy, which required you to enter in your library card number. OpenAthens offers a more secure and reliable experience for SRC library patrons.

All resources have migrated to OpenAthens. To avoid broken links, please update your permalinks.

If you have questions about updating permalinks, please contact your librarian, Jeannette Glover:


SRC students, staff, and faculty must use their mySRC credentials to access online resources regardless of whether they are on or off campus. Users will only need to authenticate to OpenAthens once per session. An OpenAthens session stays active for up to 8 hours, unless you clear your browser cache and cookies. The authentication process will differ based on whether resources are accessed via library websites or directly from a content provider website.


Off-Campus OpenAthens Authentication

When logging in from off-campus, you will notice a new login screen which will prompt you to choose SRC gmail login or OpenAthens. 

Students, Faculty, and Staff will all login using your credentials, which is the SRC gmail login. You will then have to sign in using SRC's Single-Sign-On (SSO). 

Click Next to get to the SSO screen: 

You will only need to authenticate once to start an 8-hour long OpenAthens session. During that time, you will not be authenticate again regardless of the number of different content platforms you visit. 

On-site IP authentication

There will be no change in the way you access digital resources when on-campus. The LRC will continue to provide IP authentication for on-site access. 

What do you have to do?

You will need to update your links to SRC Library resources. 

Do you use library links in Canvas? In course documents? Do you have library resources bookmarked in your browser? All library links will need to be updated. 

Why do you need to update your links? 
OpenAthens uses a different techology to manage access to resources, which will change the syntaxes of the links currently in use to allow seamless user authentication. To update links, visit the LRC website, find and view the content, copy and paste the new link. 

If you have any issues, please get in touch with LRC library staff, and we will be able to help you. 


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