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The Research Process: Citing and Writing Assistance

This guide is created to help students through the steps of writing a research paper or project.

Citation Guides

     Citing your sources is one of the most important aspects of writing the research paper.

This APA and MLA Citation Guide will help you learn about plagiarism, when and where to cite within your project, and the proper formatting of your works cited page. 

Guide on plagiarism.

Online Citation Builders and Tools

Citation Tools

The library's databases have citation tools that will automatically generate the citation for the article you are using. 

• In the EBSCO databases you will find a paper icon  to the right of an open article. Click on this icon to open a box with several different citation styles. Highlight and copy the style you need, then paste it onto your works cited page.   


• CREDO Reference has the citation styles generator at the bottom of the page in an open article. Do the same as you would with the EBSCO generator, highlight/copy/paste the citation. 

Online citation builders:

Citation Builder from North Carolina State University

Make Citation


These citation builders will format the reference for you, but you'll need to enter the information yourself. Here is the information you'll need:


Author's name(s)

Publication date

Place of publication (city and state)

Volume and issue number (if an article)

Remember that whether you're using database citation tools or an online builder, you must check your citations closely to be sure they are generated in the correct format. 

The Finishing Touches...

Here's a few tips when getting close to finishing your paper or project:

• read your paper out loud to yourself, remembering to pause at commas and periods, does it sound right? is your grammar correct? does it flow?

• have someone else proof your paper for you, better yet have 2 people read it!

• reread it after some time away, it will give you a fresh perspective

Writing Assistance

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Additional assistance is available from SRC's Learning Resource Centers. You can find the Student Success Coaches on the Canton and Macomb campuses. 

• Canton Campus: Located in the Russell LRC, 2nd floor Centers building.
   Success Coach: Abby Beck

   Phone: 309.649.6225


• Macomb Campus: Located in the LRC, 2nd floor, Room 206. 
   Success Coach: Mandy Kreps

   Phone: 309.833.6048



Academic Success Center Web Page



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