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Searching Databases: Citing, Printing, and Emailing an Article

Searching scholarly databases can be confusing at first, this guide will instruct you through the process of learning a new skill.


If you look to the right of the article or abstract, you will see a toolbar that will help with printing or emailing the article. There is also a citation tool that will give you the basics for citing the article!

exclamation pointPlease be cautious when using the citation tool, sometimes the citations are not in the correct format. Pay specific attention to capitalization, punctuation, and personal name formatting.

Hint - Hover your cursor over the icon to find out what it's purpose is for. 

image for article tools

Saving an Article

You can save articles to an EBSCO account. 

Simply click on the Sign In link in the upper right hand of your results page. Then create a new account. 

image of creating a folder in EBSCOhost

After you've created your account and you want to save an article, click on the folder icon to the right of the article and it will automatically save it for you.  
Note: Your EBSCO folder account will follow you if you decide to continue your education at another college or university, as long as their library has access to EBSCO databases. 

image of the folder icon in EBSCOhost database