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Google Drive and Hangouts: Google Hangouts

Directions on how to use Google Hangouts as a communication tool.

What is Google Hangouts?

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Google Hangouts is generally used for one-on-one or group conversations (up to 10 people), with either a chat or video option. These conversations are only visible to the people that are invited to them.

You will need internet access, a web camera, and a microphone. Most of the newer laptops come with a camera and microphone built in. 

Google Hangouts can be accessed through your Gmail or Google+ account, or through mobile apps available for both Android and iOS. 

Getting Started With Hangouts

To use Hangouts you will need a Gmail account. All Spoon River College Students receive an account on admission to the college.     This PDF file has information on setting up your Gmail account.

System requirements on your computer

This Hangouts Help document discusses the supported operating system and browser required. 

On a computer:

Through your Gmail account you'll need to turn on Hangouts

       • Open your Gmail account. On the left hand side of your account and under the email menu you should see a silhouette icon with          a green dot next to it. The down arrow next to the dot is an options bar. Open the options bar and click on "Try the new                            Hangouts" 

       • Once you have turned on Hangouts, you will see a link to search for contacts in Hangouts. Search by name or email address.

       • When you have found the person click on their name and a box will open for you to invite them to chat. Once you begin the chat           you can then start a video Hangout by clicking on the video camera icon.

       • You can also create a group chat by clicking on the silhouette icon with a plus sign next to it.

Android Devices:

Download the app from Google Play here.   

iPhone and iPad Devices:

Download the app from iTunes here.  

Let's Hangout!

Make an appointment to meet with your SRC Librarian for help with assignments that use library resources! We can meet in person, or online using Google Hangouts with either the chat or video option. 

Call: 309.649.6603 or                         Email:             to schedule an appointment.

You are also welcome to come into the Learning Resource Center on the Canton campus, Centers building, 2nd floor. 

Office hours are: 8:00 - 4:30, Monday through Friday. 

Hangout with an ASC Coach!

You can make an appointment to meet with an Student Success Coach too!

Canton LRC
Abby Beck
Call: 309.649.6225 or

Macomb LRC
Mandy Kreps
Call: 309.833.6048 or