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OneSearch: Results Page/Search Tips

A user's guide to using the LRC's OneSearch service.



If you have used EBSCOhost databases before then the OneSearch interface will look familiar.

A results page will look like this:

image for OneSearch results

Searching Tips

tip picture 


• OneSearch will search all of the terms you enter in the search box as if they are connected with the word AND. For example, if you type in: communication language children, your results will contain all three terms. If you would like to combine your terms in other ways, using OR or NOT, use the advanced search. 

• Enclose your search terms with "quotation marks" to improve the relevancy of your search. For example, typing "social media" will return articles with that exact phrase.

• To search for books and DVDs in the SRC library collection, limit your search results by selecting "Catalog Only" in the Refine Search column (left side on the results page).

• To find scholarly journal articles, filter your search results by selecting "Peer Reviewed" in the Refine Search column (left side on the results page).


See the Searching Databases guide for more tips on searching an EBSCO database.