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Download Axis 360 Desktop Reader on a Windows PC for eBooks: Axis 360 desktop app for Windows PC

This guide provides a step by step procedure to assist you in accessing eBooks from eRead Illinois and downloading the Axis 360 Desktop Reader Application for a Windows PC.

Downloading the Reader

The PDF link below provides complete step by step directions with pictures, detailed instructions on how to download an eBook from eRead Illinois and how to access the App Zone from eRead Illinois to download the Axis 360 desktop reader for a Windows PC.

Axis 360 Ebooks on Windows Computers with Axis 360 Desktop Reader

Reminder--Using the Axis 360 Desktop Reader for the FIRST TIME

 Please note that you must have an eBook already checked out before accessing the Desktop Reader for the first time. If you do not have an eBook checked out, you may receive an error upon opening the reader. 

image of desktop reader flier